PHOTOS: This Model Surgically Made Herself Into A Barbie

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A Ukrainian model is gaining quite a bit of attention as her photos continue to circulate the web.  With an uncanny resemblance to the Mattel toy, Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova has now been dubbed the, “real-life Barbie doll.”

Many people have been left wondering exactly what the reason is she seems to look so similar to the doll—and in fact, has minds reeling.  Claiming that her slim figure is the result of daily exercise and her strict liquid vegan diet, she says the only help she gets is from makeup and contact lenses.


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Take a look below for a quick glimpse of what the model looks like before she plasters on the makeup:

She has however admitted to going under the knife to achieve at least one of the aspects she couldn’t have acquired otherwise—her breasts.  Admitting to having implants, Lukyanova swears that’s the only helps she gets, but others aren’t so convinced.

After all, this wouldn’t be the first time anyone has gone to extraordinary lengths to achieve the unrealistic qualities that the doll portrays.  Just check out this woman here who spent upwards of $300,000 on plastic surgery in order to achieve the desired look.


Several other critics of the “natural” Barbie claim that she must have had some help with her big rounded eyes, slim nose, or her tiny heart shaped lips.  I guess until she comes out and directly says it, we’ll never know.

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Until that time, take a look at a few of the model’s pics below and let us know what you think:













So—do you think she had any work done? Let us know in a comment below!

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