Bill O’Reilly On Jimmy Kimmel: Discusses His New Book “Killing Jesus”, Says Obama Is A Patriot

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Bill O’Reilly recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel when he was in LA for an interview on the comedian’s late night show.  The pair joked around and discussed O’Reilly’s latest interview with Obama and his new best-selling book, “Killing Jesus”.  It was O’Reilly’s first time on the show and the interview was actually very good.

O’Reilly divulged to Kimmel that his Super Bowl interview with the President was the hardest interview he has ever done in his entire career as a journalist.  It was particularly challenging because it was live and he only had 10 minutes to ask Obama all of his questions.  He told Kimmel this was difficult because Obama is very eloquent and can talk for long periods of time about any one subject.  O’Reilly had to interrupt the President at times during the interview to get all of his questions in in the very short amount of time, which was viewed by many as him being disrespectful.

Shockingly, O’Reilly also told Kimmel that he thinks the President is a patriot and is only doing what he thinks is best for his country.  I wonder which country O’Reilly is referring to…

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