California Gun Owners Being Unconstitutionally Disarmed And Detained

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Gun owners in California are consolidating as increasing numbers of unconstitutional arrests and gun confiscations are being reported.  As of now, they have hired a group to represent them, and that group has a few tips for gun owners of what to do in case they find themselves facing similar circumstances.

The group representing the pro-Second Amenders is called The Calguns Foundation who are seeking to reverse any decisions made by the California courts that have been enacted illegally.  During a press release, the group’s executive director, Brandon Combs, explained, “Gun confiscation efforts pushed by Attorney General Kamala Harris have apparently led to unconstitutional arrests of regular, non-prohibited gun owners as well as the seizure of their firearms and ammunition.”

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These are the results of California’s latest gun grabbing legislation known as the Armed Prohibited Persons System, or APPS.  Enacted in 2013, the new law is funded by mandated tax payer dollars—guns owners being amongst those tax payers—and has resulted in several cases of unconstitutional searches, seizures and arrests.

Combs noted, “These frightening raids, often carried out by heavily armed DOJ agents and local law enforcement agencies, aren’t just hitting violent criminals.  What a sad day it is when even elderly law-abiding people need to be on the lookout for Ms. Harris’ gun-grabbing goons.”

For those gun owners who have been lucky enough to stay out of the government’s sites, the Calguns Foundation is offering a few tips should they find themselves in similar situations.  First of all, they express that if you are approached by law enforcement or presented with a warrant, you should follow the directions of the officers, but remain silent.

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It is well within your rights to not volunteer information and is, in fact, suggested that you refrain from doing so.  Along with this, you do not have to open any locked containers unless the warrant specifically lists them.  Lastly, those subject to the unconstitutional treatment should contact their attorney whenever humanly possible.

Along with these tips, The Calguns Foundation has set up a hotline for gun owners to call in case they need legal advice.  Attempting to deter, “malicious and improper prosecutions,” the group strongly urges anyone targeted by the DOJ’s APPS gun confiscation program, or any other gun related issue or arrest to call in immediately.  They have further offered this advice:

Never consent to a search

Exercise your right to remain silent

Contact CGF’s Help Hotline through the online form at or call (800) 556-2109, open 24/7/365

If you need immediate legal assistance, please contact an attorney (some firearms attorneys are listed on the CGF Help Hotline web page)

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In the times where the leader of the free world does whatever his personal agenda dictates, it’s no shock to see state governments following suit.  The only question is, will America wake up before its too late and citizens no longer have the rights our forefathers held so near and dear to their hearts?

What do you think—will this group be able to stop California’s unconstitutional corruption or is the government just too big to fight against? Let us know in a comment below!

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