IRS Charges Army Vet $1,600 For Equipment He Reported Missing 10 Years Ago

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First they targeted Conservative organizations, and now the IRS is going after veterans.

U.S. Army veteran Gerrod Branum has been fined $1,600 by the IRS for field equipment that he reported missing a decade ago.  During his service from 2001-2005, Branum was deployed to Iraq.  He joined the Army after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


On Branum’s journey home from deployment, much of his field equipment got lost.  He reported the loss immediately to his Commanding Officer, who instructed him to fill out the necessary paperwork.  Branum followed orders and turned in that paperwork, considering the situation handled as he never heard anything further regarding the lost equipment.  Until now, that is.

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Branum received a surprise letter from the Internal Revenue Service this year stating that $1,600 would be withheld from his tax return as a result of that missing equipment.  He attempted to contact the IRS about the matter, but has been met with silence.


Army regulations specify that Branum should have been held responsible for any charges within three months of the equipment going missing.  He is attempting to solve the matter in court.

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To get into the absurdity of what the IRS is doing would take pages.  Hopefully a judge dismisses the charges against Branum swiftly.  This is the last thing we should be doing to a man who fought valiantly for our country.

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