VIDEO: Pepsi & Rockefellers Funding Major Anti-Gun Project

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Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival back in 2013. The purpose of the event was to promote ways to stop gun violence and they told their story about what led them to embark on the anti-gun crusade.

The website for the event revealed some interesting information and described the roles Kelly and Goffords would play;

“Giffords and Kelly will discuss how the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School drove them to commit themselves, personally and professionally, to reducing gun violence in America – by working toward common sense solutions that respect our Second Amendment rights and traditions of gun ownership”

Their portion of the event was called Building A Movement To Make Our Communities Safer and featured the television anchor Andrea Mitchell as a guest, who also is another anti-gun crusader.

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If you’re not familiar with Giffords or Kelly, they’ve both thrown themselves into the spotlight and exploited the tragedy that occurred to her when she was shot at a political event in Arizona. The pair formed the group Americans For Responsible Solutions back in 2012 and claimed their intent was to convince encourage political leaders to “stand up for solutions to prevent gun violence and protect responsible gun ownership.”

They have since toured the nation trying to convince people to agree with their “common sense” gun control ideas which include banning so-called “assault” weapons, limiting magazine capacity to only 10 rounds, and basically doing away with any gas or piston driven firearms that don’t require human interaction to cycle the action.

This event in Aspen was another stop on their gun grabbing tour and the entire thing was underwritten by PepsiCo, yes the very same people who make that delicious soft drink. The website for the Aspen Ideas Festival makes that very statement on its main page. It’s also worth noting that the AIF is a program of the Aspen Institute, which is heavily funded by the Rockefellers, who are known for their liberal globalist agenda,  and the Ford Foundation who supposedly has ties to the CIA.

When contacted, the management at PepsiCo in Colorado denied any involvement with the event, however further investigation is being done to verify their denial.

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