VIDEO: College Students Can’t Name ONE Of The Bill Of Rights

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We’ve reported on Mark Dice several times regarding his pursuit to expose just how misinformed the younger generation is.  Taking a stab as constitutional negligence, Dice asks college students to name a few of the rights the Bill of Rights outlines–the results are truly pathetic.

Hitting the UC San Diego campus, Dice targets everyone and anyone willing to answer his questions regarding the Bill of Rights.  Asking passersby to list a few, Dice received a variety of clueless stares and excuses demonstrating that the students would rather be anywhere but talking to him.

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He asked his first brainless victim, “Can you name some of the Bill Of Rights?”  Quickly thinking of a reason he didn’t have time to speak to Dice, the student replied, “Dude, I think I need to take a quiz.”  Dice then reasoned that, “I’m quizzing you right now… and this quiz I’m giving you right now is way more important than whatever quiz you’re taking in a few minutes.”


This however didn’t sway the student, as he was obviously dumbfounded and embarrassed that he didn’t know the answer to such a simple question.  Dice then let the student know that he ought to be ashamed of himself.

Another student tried to wiggle his way out of the question by saying that he had homework that was shortly due.  Undeterred by the excuse, Dice remained consistent in demanding the student at least give one of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights.  Trapped in Dice’s vice, the student reluctantly admits that he really didn’t know any.

Dice condemned the student saying, “You’re a college student at one of the most prestigious in Southern California, and you don’t know the basic Bill Of Rights, shame on you.”

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He soon cornered a female student asking the same question as all the rest in which she started laughing out of embarrassment.  Soon, physically trying to walk away, she claims, “You’re going to make me feel embarrassed.”  Doing exactly as he’d hoped, he relayed that she was, “part of the problem,” and, “the reason this country is going down the toilet.”

Another student actually was able to answer one, but quickly lost momentum after saying the “freedom of speech.”  He then inquisitively asks—perhaps in hopes to portray Dice as a hypocrite—what the remaining nine were.

Just like that, Dice rattled off the remaining nine, educating the student and putting him in his place.  The student, thrown back by Dice’s response said, “Gotcha, impressive. I appreciate all that information.”

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This isn’t the first demonstration Dice has completed showing just how out of touch the American youth really are in terms of our country.  Sadly, if this is any indication of what is to come, one could speculate that much darker times lie in wait for America on account of citizen negligence and ignorance.

What do you think—will Americans ever start paying attention, or will they be lead to the slaughter like lambs? Let us know in a comment below!

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