VIDEO: Financial Crisis Looming? 7 Elite Bankers Commit Suicide In Just Weeks

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The past weeks have given way to some very interesting circumstances that are worth taking note on. We’ve seen the death of now 7 elite bankers from the world’s financial circles mysteriously, and without warning, commit suicide and in very bizarre manners.

The deceased bankers include Mike Dueker 50, William Broeksmit 58, Moritz Erhardt 21, Li Junjie , Gabriel Magee 39, Richard Talley 57, and Ryan Henry Crane 37.

The one thing they all had in common was their intimate ties to an industry full of greed and corruption where life means little, and money and power rule everything. The past year has seen several investigations into the financial sector’s biggest power players like JP Morgan and HSBC for serious crimes such as precious metal price manipulation, money laundering, and other types of fraud which could all bring these giants to their knees.

The string of deaths has made people wonder if there’s a looming financial crisis that these men knew about or if they knew something that could have sunk one of the firms they worked for and if they were targeted for assassination. The manner in which they all died only fuels the speculation that there’s something more happening than meets the eye.

Just this past week a Chinese Forex trader, Li Junjie, killed himself by allegedly leaping from the top of the JP Morgan building he worked in, making him the seventh to die by suicide.

On January 27th Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old senior manager at JP Morgan’s European headquarters jumped from the top of their building and landed 500 feet below, killing them instantly.

37 year old Ryan Henry Crane who was an executive director for JP Morgan mysteriously died last week.

Richard Talley, who founded American Title Services, killed himself by shooting himself with a nail gun repeatedly earlier this month.

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A former Deustche Bank executive, William Broeksmit was found hanging in his home by police on January 26.

The Chief Economist at Russell Investments, Mike Dueker was found at the bottom of a 50 tall embankment after he allegedly threw himself down it to commit suicide on January 29.

21 year old Moritz Erhardt was found dead in his flat after working for three consecutive days without sleep.

There’s just too much similarity amongst the deaths of these men to not ask the question of what is going on. Add to this that a Wall Street insider recently issued a warning that there will be more bank executive deaths coming and warned of “hit squads,” the the list of those who will be targeted is 43 members long.

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