VIDEO: Muslim Terrorists Shoot 14 Innocent Men Over Mass Grave

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A new video has emerged that was obtained by CNN that shows the brutal execution of 14 men.  Found in the house of a cowardly terrorist leader that fled the war in Syria, the video shows the executions taking place at night right next to a pre-dug, mass grave.

The video depicts soldiers of the group so vile that even Al Qaeda has distanced themselves from them—the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, or the ISIS.  The ISIS has taken advantage of the Syrian rebellion, joining forces with those that need them most—the rebel forces.  That being said, their objectives are a little more sinister—and worthless—than that of the opposition.


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The ISIS seeks to spread the radical word of Allah, killing any that do not comply, and making examples out of those that are hesitant.  The religion of peace is now the religion of intimidation forcing captives of their controlled region to worship their bloodstained god.

The camera was found amongst the home of a terrorist leader that had fled the area.  Showing several interrogations at the beginning of the film, it appears the ruthless terrorists had captured several innocent men and blindfolded them.


Fearing for their life, the men are asked several questions that they reluctantly answer.  As you hear quivering in their voices and fearful pauses there is no clear answer on what happened to the men.  Although they were asked if they wanted to see their families again, it is highly unlikely that this was the case.

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The end of the video depicts a night time incident only visibly illuminated by flashlight.  Kneeling on the ground are 14 men—who’s crimes are not mentioned (if they were even “guilty” of anything)—blindfolded in front of a pre-dug mass grave.


Asking if the cameraman was ready to record the incident, he gives the OK, and the executioner carries out his task.  CNN stopped the video right at the first shot so not to disturb the audience, but allows for the audio to proceed.  Viewers then hear 9 shots all in quick procession where the video picks back up showing the men lying amongst their blood and brain matter.

Some had already fallen into their final resting place, when the gunman goes to the other side of the grave and finishes off the remaining five in similar fashion.

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Showing exactly what kind of animals these terrorists are, during the interviews they almost antagonize their victims to evoke even more terror by taunting about their wives and children.  This along with the senseless executions of innocent men can only make one wonder what would ever possess someone to join such a murderous cult.

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