North Korea Guilty Of Crimes Against Humanity Similar To That Seen In Nazi Concentration Camps

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A new report has recently been released accusing North Korea, specifically Kim Jong Un and his regime, of crimes against humanity.  Amongst the worst offenses, the country is said to contribute to less than acceptable living conditions for its citizens by subjecting them to, “murder, torture, rape, abductions, enslavement, starvation and executions.”

The 372 page report, written by the Commission of Inquiry, specifically outlines North Korean security chiefs, Kim Jong Un himself as well as the country of China as being directly or partially responsible for the terrible treatment of North Koreans.  Although they claim that certain people being accused of the criminal activity may not be directly responsible for the deaths of North Koreans, turning a blind eye is just as bad.

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The U.N. began investigating the country a little while back after hearing what defectors had to say about the abysmal living conditions inside the secretive country.  As more and more defectors were tracked down and interviewed, their findings became increasingly troublesome.


The main reports speak of the treatment of prisoners, and although the life of a prisoner should be nowhere near glamorous, the conditions in which they live far surpass inhumane.  Prisoners are generally forced to work between sun up and sun down.

Having to be ready at around 4:30 a.m., work begins immediately until it becomes too dark to function further.  After they return back to camp, they are required to attend meetings that run just about until midnight.  They would then have to get up and be ready to work by 4:30 a.m. the next morning to do it all over again.

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Along with this, prisoners report that they are often required to walk 14 miles to get to where they will be working for the day.  Once there, no breaks are given and they are expected to get to work.  Another defector who spent some time in one of these labor camps explained that they would have to plow filed with an ox and cart.  The cart would often be filled with a ton of dirt and they were required to run and were strictly forbidden to walk.


North Korea enacted a while back a guilt-by-association conviction process.  In other words, if one of your family members do something wrong, or act in opposition to the ruling regime, you as well, are guilty.  A former soldier of North Korea explains that this is an attempt at, “exterminating the three generations of a family.”

Often times, families are spilt up and sent to different camps where they are not notified what they were found guilty of or where they are going.  Unfortunately for them, they will be there for the rest of their lives—depending how long that lasts.

Women are treated the worst, and subject to frequent beatings and rape at the hand of prison guards.  If found out to be pregnant, they will have to undergo a mandatory abortion procedure, including defectors that are caught by China and shipped back home.


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Several torture tactics were revealed to investigators and described in gory detail the punishment they would have to endure often leading to prisoner death.

They say the worst problem in North Korea—and not just in prison camps—is the starvation epidemic.  People note that they often see the streets of their cities riddled with deceased bodies of those that had starved to death.  Along with this, they have witnessed fellow human beings starve to death so much, they are able to describe in disturbing detail exactly what happens to the body before the victim succumbs to death.

Saying that often people are forced to eat what they can find, including animal food, some noted that they have witnessed people rummaging through animal feces to find grains and kernels.


The merciless dictator keeps citizens in line both by the accurate reputation of these labor camps and when that isn’t enough to cut it, the public get a nice view of what will happen if you disobey via public execution.  Defectors explain that watching an execution is enough to make your stomach churn and cause several sleepless nights, after watching the damage a bullet does to the human head.

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All together the U.N. is warning North Korea to stop its actions although they are claiming this is just an attempt by America to make them look bad.  The real purpose is to get the word out at how North Korea treats its citizens, but China is expected to back the country and block any legal action the U.N. is insisting on.

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