WATCH: How We Can Fix Our Failing Education System In Four Simple And Inexpensive Steps

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One of the most pressing issues we face in 2014 is our country’s failing education system.  Don’t let all of the high-powered speeches from this President or that Representative fool you – all the money we are dumping into the education system is not creating a generation of better educated young people.  On the contrary, the dollar amount we invest in education has increased steadily, while the American student has fallen further behind in the rankings compared to other first world countries.  It is not a coincidence that we invest more money than any other developed country into education, yet we continue to create a more poorly educated society.  The problem is not in the amount of money we spend, but in the way that we spend it.  It this eye-opening video, Virtual President Bill Whittle describes steps we can take to restore our education system to what it once was: when we had the best educated society in the world, when we put six American flags on the moon.

The first major problem is that we don’t pay the public school system to educate students, we pay them to graduate students.  It doesn’t matter to them if the person graduating knows a verb from a noun, because they are just another box on the assembly line ready to be shipped off.  It costs roughly $13,000 to educate a child through high school.  What if that $13,000 was attached to the student instead of the educational institution?  Then parents could decide where to send their children to school.  This would allow us to diversify.  Private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling continuously outrank our public school system.  By attaching funds to the student rather than the institution, we create competition – the phenomenon that produced the iPhone and the commercial jet.

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That brings us to our next issue: discipline.  Teachers are trying to run classrooms full of unruly, barbaric children because there is no discipline at home and they are afraid to discipline at school.  Suspending or expelling a child with serial bad behavior is not an act of cruelty, it is an act of kindness.  The other children in the classroom should not have to suffer because Jamal’s parents couldn’t muster up the strength to put him in time out.  This discipline needs to extend to teachers as well.  Powerful teacher’s unions put the employment of bad teachers ahead of the needs of good students and that desperately needs to stop.

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Next, we would be able to create a much more beneficial education for our nation’s students through decertification.  As Mr. Whittle explains, our greatest untapped natural resource is our many retirees.  At a time when the smartest, most hard-working generation is retiring from their careers, our most at risk generation is receiving a half-assed education.  Who would you rather have imparting knowledge on the mind of your child; a 22-year-old with a fresh teaching credential, or a 65-year-old who spent the last 40 years of his life as a chemical engineer?  There are many seniors who would gladly spend a few hours a week with students in order to earn some supplemental income.

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Finally, schools need to return their focus to education.  They were never intended to be institutions for political indoctrination and social engineering.  There are not enough hours in the day as it is to teach science and math, so politics have no place in the classroom.  That’s what parents are for.  They are they one’s saddled with the task of imparting social values on their children, not the school system.

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All of Mr. Whittle’s solutions are inexpensive and totally logical.  In fact, they may be too inexpensive and too logical for liberals to take the bait.  What do you think of the ideas expressed in this video?  Do you think that if they were implemented we would see positive change in the results of our education system?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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