Muslims Brutally Stone Girl To Death After She Opens A Facebook Account

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Syrian members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant , or the ISIL, have taken to executing a girl for simply having a Facebook account.  Ruling that having a Facebook account is just about the same as committing adultery, the woman was ordered to be stoned to death.

Generally speaking, an execution such as this takes place by first burying the condemned up to their necks in the ground.  After this, an executioner is then supposed to swiftly carry out the punishment.  This however isn’t usually the case as the victim spends the last few moments of their lives in utter agony as mob mentality takes over and everyone joins in on the killing fun.

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The tradition of stoning goes back to biblical times—just proving furthermore how far behind the religion of peace is in terms of civilization.  Resorting to inhumane tactics of torture that ultimately end in death demonstrate the exact kind of animal it takes to worship under the sadistic and hypocritical religion.

Other insane reasons punishable by death consist of things such as, not praying enough, drinking too much, having a cell phone, and even remarrying after your spouse is deceased (also considered a form of adultery).

Along with this, these are the same heartless terrorists that our beloved Commander-in-Chief wishes to continue to promote and support in effort to further destabilize the area.  Trying to overthrow a government while remaining far from public speculation also gives insight into the man leading America.

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Of course openly saying you support this kind of barbarism would be politically catastrophic, but it really makes those that know he supports the pigs carrying out acts like this on fellow human beings question not only his integrity but his intentions.

So what do you think—why is Obama still shelling out our hard earned mandated tax payer dollars to support these monsters? Let us know in a comment below!

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