WATCH: Find Out If Texas Could Actually Secede From The Union

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Ever wondered if Texas could actually secede from the Union?  They are pretty bad ass, but just because you don’t mess with Texas doesn’t mean they can take off on their own.  As our county’s second biggest state, they also boast the second largest population.  They were an independent nation at one point before becoming the 28th U.S. state, but their last attempt at secession didn’t end in a victory; i.e the Civil War.  While it’s economic infrastructure would provide the necessary funding for Texas to thrive without the help of the federal government, the state’s Constitution does not allow for them to do so.  There are many arguments that can be made for both ends of this question.  Watch the video and decide for yourself if it is plausible for Texas to leave the Union or if they’d best stay put.

H/T: Tell Me Now

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