New, One Of A Kind, Cell Phone App Places Personal Security And Police At Your Fingertips

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A new, one of a kind, cell phone app is set to provide users with personal security like never before.  With the swipe of a finger, the app will set off an alarm, record the incident, and notify both police and a few of your predetermined contacts.

The app goes by the name Policecam and was created by a company called MobileSecurity365.  Based out of Sydney, Australia, MobileSecurity365 hopes to operate worldwide and is already functional in, “US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Singapore.”  Their goal for 2014 is to expand throughout Europe and Asia making it a worldwide operation.

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The company itself seeks to allow users the greatest amount of security via the device most people have on them everyday—their cell phones.  Having created other apps such as, “Tracker, Locater, SOS, Stealth, GBF and Crimnet,” MobileSecurity365 aims to become the industries leader in protecting both users and their mobile devices.


Policecam—available for either Apple or android products–is the first of its kind providing users a way to deter crime as well as notify police if necessary.  With the simple swipe of a finger, the cell phone will begin the process by sounding an alarm with the hopes that it will scare off any and all criminals.  While the alarm sounds, the device will also begin recording both video and audio during the incident.

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This recoding is then streamed to a centralized database in real time allowing for both security personnel and police to view.  Police are immediately contacted via call to 911 where they would then send out a response unit. Finally, Policecam will then send out a notification to whichever contacts you have previously selected letting them know where you are via GPS and that you are in danger.

Also coming equipped with tracking and stealth mode features, Policecam allows complete security, literally at the fingertips of the user.  It also comes with a fake call feature allowing users a seemingly discreet way to opt out of those hairier situations.

Fully functional all around the world, Policecam boasts that you are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are.

With the increase of criminal activity everywhere it would be nice to actually provide cell phone users an extra layer of security.  Victims are usually able to only record an incident or call police; it would be nice if the phone could actually do something more to help.

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Enter Policecam.

Whereas before these recordings could potentially go toward solving a murder case, they could actually now help in preventing one.

So what do you guys think—is this a nifty–and potentially lifesaving–app? Let us know in a comment below!

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