SHOCKING: U.S. Army Builds 300 Acre Fake City To Practice Military Takeover

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The U.S. Army has constructed a 300 acre city in Virginia, complete with subways and signs in English, to practice drills for “problems we may not know we have yet,” according to the UK Telegraph.

The site cost $96 million to build and only 2 years to complete, and replicates the typical American city, with signage that replicates those in Washington D.C. and the same architecture seen across the nation

“This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet….This is where we’ll look at solutions for the future–material solutions and non-material solutions…anything from how you’re going to operate in a subterranean environment to how you dismount a Humvee to avoid an IED strike,” according to Colonel John P. Petkosek.

The troubling part of this mock city is that a recently leaked Army manual contained plans for the military to carry out “Civil Disturbance Operations” where American soldiers would be deployed across the nation to quell civil uprising, even firing on and killing American citizens if the need arose.

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Within the manual were instructions on how to properly detain dissidents then “re-educate” them while they’re detained in prison camps. U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations talks about the proper procedures to retrain detainees into having an “appreciation of government policies” while they’re in captivity.

The past few years have also seen an uptick in activity from FEMA and its preparations for camps across the nation. FEMA has unprecedented authority in the event that martial law is ever declared in America, being able to suspend constitutional rights and force a police state in the areas affected so one can’t help but wonder if this latest development regarding the Army’s training is somehow affiliated.

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Let’s also not forget that the DHS is increasingly trying to label right-wing conservatives as terrorists and has created Joint Terrorism Task Forces along with Fusion Centers to compile data on Americans who are viewed as a threat. They’ve also put out a solicitation on the Government Business Opportunities website soliciting bids for a nationwide tracking program that would identify and track license plates of the same people it has already labeled as “terrorists,” or right-wing conservatives.

A former Navy SEAL also leaked to the press that the Obama administration created a “litmus test” for the commanding officers in the military, asking them if they would ever fire on American citizens, if they answered “no” they were relieved of duty shortly after.

While the Army doesn’t formally acknowledge that the new training facility is to prepare for an inevitable insurrection, there’s overwhelming evidence to suggest the contrary. The new training ground has far too many similarities to an American city to think otherwise.

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