VIDEO: Woman Shoved Into Manhole By Debtor, Falls 10 Feet And Spends 60 Hours Underground Until Rescued

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A woman was recently physically shoved into an uncovered manhole where she fell 10 feet and spent the next 60 hours of her life until her cries for help were heard by passersby.  Her assailant admitted that he tried to kill her because he was reportedly having an affair with the woman and owed her $16,500.

The horrible incident, that was caught on tape by surveillance cameras, started when the man offered to repay some of the debt he owed her.  Suggesting they go to the bank for a portion of the 100,000 yuan, about $16,500, he said he would draw out about 50,000 yuan so that she could deposit it in her bank account.


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The couple is seen on camera jogging with an umbrella in front of them to prevent—at least as much as possible—them from getting wet as it was raining.  Not being able to see where she was going, the assailant steered her into his trap.

Apparently sometime prior, the man had removed a manhole cover on the sidewalk and covered the hole with a piece of cardboard or news paper.  As she willingly followed his direction, her feet sunk into the hole as the covering gave way.


The victim, only identified as Guo, recalls, “it was quite dark at about 19:00 (7 p.m.), and there were something newspapers on the manhole. After I fell in the manhole, I realized that the manhole lid had already been taken away by him.”

She managed to hang onto the ledge, but was met with more drastic measures as the man sought to ensure her entrapment.  She then explains that he kicked her very hard and that is when she made the 10 foot drop.


On the tape, you can see the man place the manhole cover back over the opening and looked around to make sure there were no witnesses.  Soon after, the man returned to place one more layer of security over the manhole cover to help mask her pleas for help.

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She spent the next 60 hours there until she was finally rescued.


She explains that once down there, the first night, she did not sleep at all. She explained that, “I did not sleep at all the first night I fell in the manhole. I could see the darkness around me. I thought that I would not be choked to death if I looked up.” She figured that if she had fallen asleep, she would slip beneath the water and drown.

Soon though she sought to free herself however possible and ended up putting together a clothes ladder that she constructed from the wardrobe she was wearing.  Having lifted herself to the manhole, she was heartbroken to learn that she was not strong enough to lift the heavy lid.


She did stay near the cover however, pleading for help and sticking her fingers through the holes in the lid trying to get anyone’s attention that she could.  She was able to do just that when a passerby noticed her irregularly white fingers that had been soaking in the water below for the past three days.

Once out, she was able to tell police exactly what happened and they soon arrested the man.

He admitted to all crimes and relayed that he was having an affair with the woman but ultimately pushed her into the hole because of the money he owed her.  Police notified the public that the man was also a gambling addict.


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He is being charged with attempted murder and remains behind bars.

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