Special Education Teacher Has Sex “Multiple Times” With 13-Year-Old Relative

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A special education teacher has been arrested and placed on indefinite suspension after police discovered that she was having sex with a 13-year-old male relative.

Christine Mazzarella, 47, had reportedly been involved in a sexual relationship with her 13-year-old relative going as far back as July of last year.  She was arrested just last Wednesday after police had received a tip letting them in on her dirty little secret.


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Police were quick to say that Mazzarella was not involved in a sexual relationship with any of the students where she worked, at Lineweaver Elementary School.  Being a special education school district, parents were extremely concerned that this might have been the case.

One parent expressed feelings to reporters saying, “That’s not right for someone like that to be working at a school. What other kinds of things could they do?”

After learning of her indiscretion, the school placed Mazzarella on an indefinite suspension with her termination pending arrest. The school made a statement shortly after learning of the news saying, “The employee has been assigned to home and will not return to the school. The alleged conduct that has been reported by Tucson Police is grounds for dismissal from the district.”


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Although police convey that she had sex with the underage relative “multiple times” she is only being charged with four counts of sexual contact with a minor.

Mazzarella was being held on $10,000 bail with her first court appearance scheduled to be on February 24th.

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