Miranda Lambert Tells Blake Shelton, “Stop Drinking Or Get Out!”

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Country music’s most notorious couple has sparked ugly gossip rumors yet again.  Ok! Magazine’s new issue boasts a cover story about the couple who have endured nasty divorce rumors lately in the press.  The magazine is reporting that Lambert has told Shelton to “stop drinking or get out”.


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The blonde bombshell has recently gotten healthy and lost a fair amount of weight, which sparked rumors of plastic surgery in all of the same gossip rags that falsely reported she was divorcing Shelton.  Lambert put those rumors to bed by releasing a statement saying that she slimmed down the old fashioned way – with diet and exercise.  She was inspired to get healthy by her 30th birthday and she wanted fans to know that she is as committed to her career as ever.

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As part of her new healthy lifestyle, the singer has given up drinking.  She apparently loves the sober life so much that she wants Blake to kick the habit as well.  An insider source told Ok! that Miranda has told her husband he needs to give up his partying frat-boy ways.  She reportedly told him that he is almost 40-years-old and it’s time to grow up or she’s going to leave him behind.

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Is there trouble in paradise?  We don’t think so.  Shelton has already denied that the story has any truth to it whatsoever.  Even with so much negative publicity, the couple seems as strong as ever.

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