Paula Deen Quietly Making A Comeback After N-Word Fiasco

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Staying far from the public’s eye after her last incident that left her in tears and apologizing to the public, Paula Deen just may be making a comeback.  It appears as if Paula is making a new company—with a new name—after successfully obtaining at least one major investor.

It seems like Paula Deen is just about free and clear of the n-word scandal that tanked her career just a few short months ago.  After testifying in court that she had used the racial slur once, some 30 years in the past, the media had a heyday with destroying the woman’s career.

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It wasn’t long before the public influenced Deen’s sponsors to drop her from their label and the Food Network channel even allowed her contract to expire.


It seemed that the celebrity chef was down for the count.

Managing to stay as far away from the public’s eye for the past few months, it appears as if Deen has been making a few of her own business arrangements in order to get her name back up and running.  Switching all her holdings over to a new company, it appears as if she is ready to make a new start, with a new name.

Of course, being able to secure a, somewhere between, $75 and $100 million investment didn’t hurt either.  She reportedly was able to obtain the money bags from Najafi Media.

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She has since held a public event in which she took advantage of the publicity to thank everyone that stood by her. Of course, as many felt, it was highly unreasonable that the star was punished and persecuted for something she did so long ago in the first place—but it’s good to see her getting back up.

What do you think—is Paula Deen deserving of a second chance? Let us know in a comment below!

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