Horror: Parents And Grandparent Shackle And Have Sex With Their Four Young Children

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It was a grim day indeed when a teacher of an 11-year-old girl received an email from her student pleading that she call the police.  After doing so, police responded to the girl’s residence and found that the three adults in the house had been shackling four children to beds for weeks at a time as well as beating and raping them.

Juan Carlos Sanchez, Edwina Louis, and Bobbi Sue Pack are behind bars after the brave 11-year-old girl was able to escape for long enough to send out an email.  Potentially saving the life of her 3 other siblings—ages 2, 8 and 9–police came and after seeing what was happening, arrested the caregivers.

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Apparently Bobbi Sue Pack, the mother of all four children, was living with her mother (grandmother to the four children), and boyfriend Juan Carlos Sanchez who fathered the youngest child.


Once police interviews began, they were quick to learn what was actually happening in the house of horrors.  The 11-year-old informed police that they were chained and shackled to their beds for weeks at a time, and only being allowed out during meals—if that.  The girl told police that the adults would often forget to let them out during meals leaving them hungry and malnourished.

Along with this she and her siblings were subject to frequent beatings.  They explained that they were forced to remove all their clothing, and would be beaten—while naked–with belts and paddles.

And they had the marks to prove it.

Police reportedly found clear evidence that the children suffered at the abusive hands of the adults in the house as they noted several scars, bruises, lacerations and welts.


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Along with this, the man in the house, Sanchez, took advantage of the chained children further as the 11 and 9-year-old girls were traumatically raped and used as sex slaves.

All three were promptly arrested and charged with 3 felony accounts of child endangerment.  Sanchez was additionally charged with two counts of rape.

Capt. David Hall of the sheriff’s office explained, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime, a once-in-a-career case. It’s horrific, emotional and awful.”

He went on to say, “They were scared and had to warm up to us.” The Columbus Dispatch reports, “So investigators tried to make friends. They took the kids to a snack machine and told them to pick something out. They brought them milkshakes and ice cream.”


Hall noted,  “They had never had it, never had ice cream. They didn’t know how to choose a snack.  It’s a punch to the gut. Something we all take for granted, you know? A trip to the snack machine. And they didn’t know what a treat was.”

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The two women are behind bars in lieu of $150,000 bond while Sanchez won’t be out anytime in the foreseeable future as he is being held on $1,000,000 bond.  Authorities were searching for 24-year-old Leah Dillon in relation to the case as she was a close friend of the family’s, but police have called off the search.

Authorities informed the public that the children, “are in foster care and are being evaluated by psychologists and counselors and treated by doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.”

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