VIDEO: Protester Gets Shot In Head During Riots, 2 Left Dead [Graphic]

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Since the death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has seen an increase in unrest as people grow increasingly upset with the oil producing nation’s poor economic conditions, food shortages, and violence that has erupted as a result of the protests, which recently ended with two students being killed and 23 others injured.

It’s unclear where the violence stemmed from or who actually killed the two students since accurate reports on the situation are hard to obtain due to the chaotic scenes that unfold. Both pro-government and anti-government groups blame the other for the violence, although the demonstrators are protesting against the government’s mismanagement of resources and economic policies so many believe the anger from the pro-government demonstrators is what initiates it.

One student, Junior Munoz told of pro-government gangs that roam the streets and capture the anti-government protestors to turn them over to authorities. He said that such action are what could make the demonstrations leave the “realm” of peaceful and turn violent.

The demonstrations have caused government leaders to decry that a coup is happening. President Nicolas Maduro has said that it’s a “Nazi Fascist Faction” within the government that is leading the demonstrations and attempting to incite a coup, something the nation is rather familiar with. He says this as opposition leaders heavily back the protestors, even joining them in the streets and calling for even more widespread demonstrations.

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