“Knock This White Boy Out!” Black Teen Mob Viciously Attacks Disabled Vet

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A disabled vet was minding his own business, riding on a bus when a group of 6-8 black teens surrounded him.  Soon they began shouting in an aggressive manner and attacked the man all while recording the incident.

Matthew Robinson, a disabled vet and now college student, was riding Cleveland’s RTA Healthline bus when he was approached by a black mob.  The mob then started instigating one another before the unwanted showdown, screaming things like, “knock this white boy out,” and using the racial slur, “cracker.”

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Robinson soon got off the bus trying to put an end to the situation, but the group of teens followed him, further provoking the vet and others in the mob.  The assault then reportedly became physical when the teens began attacking him and even stole his belongings.


The vet relayed that the only thing he was thinking was to “protect himself” and to make sure no one was able to get behind him.

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Police were quick to arrive and break up the altercation which is when the punks did what they do best–darted.  With the help of Robinson however, police were able to catch and indentify three of the mob members.  Two men, ages 18 and 19, as well as a 16 year old girl who happened to have in her possession the cell phone camera used to record the attack.

This isn’t anything new in Cleveland as black groups are becoming a problem in the area prompting a heavier police presence. Just last month a teen was beaten so badly he could hardly speak to reporters because of the injuries and swelling.

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Robinson concludes that, “no one should have to deal with that type of racism and ridicule,” and insists that assault should come with a heavier sentence.  He argues, “I think there should be jail time for an assault.  I mean, who’s to say that, you know, your mother or your sister couldn’t be on the bus and the same thing could happen there.”

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