Intelligence Officer Leaks Obama’s Intentions To Nuke Americans For Financial Gain

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New rumors are circulating leaked by rumored high level intelligence officers reportedly demonstrate that Obama is involved in a sinister plot of catastrophic proportions.  In the name of greed and personal prevalence, the officials have laid the claim that Obama is seeking to wipe out the American population for personal profit.

The rumors reportedly come from Jim Garrow, a self-proclaimed former intelligence officer.  Apparently, he is claiming that the United States and 300 citizens was narrowly saved from utter destruction due to the diligence and non-compliance of three “heroes.”

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Unknown how these men were able to stop the supposed global force from completing their devious plan, it was said that Obama, as well as a select few global elitists were to survive and, in fact, benefit from the launch of nuclear warheads.

As Garrow explains it, Obama and people like George Soros and Valerie Jarrett had organized a way in which they could financially benefit from America’s financial downfall.  Come to find out, Obama and his league of elites were said to have been betting against U.S. currency via foreign markets.

The bombs were supposed to go off, killing 300 million Americans, and sending the value of the dollar plummeting—almost making it toxic to possess.  The market would from there compensate its loss by boosting the value of the other country’s dollars—specifically those that the elites had strategically invested in.

Those in America that were lucky enough to survive would quickly die of radiation poisoning.

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This isn’t Garrow’s first claim that Obama intended to use a nuke on Americans either as he suggested that Obama aimed to nuke Washington D.C. in order to provoke a necessary military presence in Syria.  He claims this was only stopped by Putin’s efforts to successfully resolve the conflict in the area and foreign tension.

Of course now that the reportedly imminent threat is over—and has been avoided with the help of three mysterious and nameless heroes—Obama is seeking to further his power and wealth in other ways.

First in which is securing a third term in office.

Obama, with the help of Soros, is said to have in his possession a list of ever evolving secrets of every high ranking official in the U.S.  Obama will reportedly start using these secrets in the form of blackmail in order to pressure Congressmen and Senators into allowing him a third term.

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The thought here is that with the extra time, Obama, Soros and his global elitist pals will be able to find another way to crash the value of the U.S. dollar.  Seeing how their eyes are only on their future riches, the collateral damage of American lives lost won’t weigh too heavy on the minds of those that will soon be basking in their gold.

What do you think—is there any truth to this story, or is Garrow out of his mind trying to get attention? Let us know in a comment below!

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