BREAKING: Muslim Caught Trying To Kill Prince Harry

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A man was recently sentenced to three years behind bars after pleading guilty to conspiring to kill Prince Harry.

Ashraf Islam, 31, formerly known as Mark David Townley (on account of his convert to Islam), had made some threats against the royal’s life just one day after a few other Muslims hacked a war vet to death with machetes.  Saying “he had a moral right to judge,” Islam conveyed that he did not agree with the military’s mission where Prince Harry was serving.

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“Prince Harry, a military helicopter pilot, is a captain in the British Army who has served twice in Afghanistan.”

After being brought in for questioning, Islam volunteered a confession saying that he intended to kill the Prince the very next day. This, of course, opened the door for authorities to obtain a warrant to search his residence.


As it turns out, Islam did not have a permanent residence as he had recently moved from Taiwan.  Once inside his motel room however, police were reported to have confiscated Islam’s laptop, but weren’t able to find any weapons.

After pleading guilty back in May, Islam finally had his day in court on Monday.  Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson expressed that although Islam’s plan was, “vague and unlikely to succeed,” he still presented a danger to the public.

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The Isleworth Crown Court judge went on to say, “This was not a threat made in isolation.  The examination of your computer revealed you conducted research on his (Prince Harry’s) whereabouts and intentions.”

The judge expounded on the issue saying, “You had given the matter considerable though.  The reason behind that is that you thought he and other serving officers had some moral guilt, and you thought you had a moral right to judge.”


McGregor-Johnson then conceded, “I accept that there is nothing here that could be described as professional plans as to your expressed intentions.” He then expressed that if he were to hand down a sentence any more than three years, it would be quite “excessive,” for the severity of the crime.

This isn’t Islam’s first run in with the law either.  After converting to Islam, the man was convicted of armed robbery several years back.  It is unknown if the two teardrop tattoos accurately suggest that Islam did indeed kill two people.

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His defense attorney attempted to get Islam a reduced sentence by offering the fact that her client suffers from a personality disorder—it didn’t work.

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