Flesh Eating “Poor Man’s Heroin” Now Inside U.S.


February 12, 2014 7:54am PST

The flesh eating drug “Krokodil” has been making its way out of Russia where it originated from, and a recent report out of the border town of Nogales, Mexico is a chilling reminder of just how dangerous the drug is.

Mexican drug officials have confirmed a case where a man came in seeking treatment for dark lesions on his skin was in fact caused by Krokodil. which is made by melting codeine together with household chemicals like paint thinner.


Leticia Amperano Gomez, the Director of Mental Health, said in January that a man who sought medical attention had all the signs of intravenous use of the drug, even though he also used crystal meth, cocaine and heroin.

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The drug, which is homemade, damages the users circulatory system and causes scaly green lesions and causes flesh to actually rot off the bone. There have been numerous reported cases in America since September and most recently a Texas woman went to a Mexican hospital seeking treatment after injecting the drug into her genitals. Although some experts believe that the reports in America are overstated and the reported injuries are actually from dirty drug use instead.


Jacobo Fox Inunza, who is the director for the Center For Youth Integration said in an interview that border cities like Nogales are at the highest risk for the drug due to the high frequency of IV drug use there.

Experts believe the main reason that America hasn’t seen an outbreak of the drug is because its alternatives, like heroin, are much more readily available and cheaper than codeine to acquire. Dr. Michael Lynch, medical director for the Pittsburg Poison Center, said that “relatively accessible and inexpensive alternatives, such as heroin, make Krokodil production and use in the United States highly unlikely.”


Recently there has been an increase in batches of heroin that are spiked with fentanyl, which is a powerful synthetic opiate, that has led to at least 50 fatal overdoses in the United States since September.

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