The NAACP Doesn’t Want Blacks If They’re Conservative

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North Carolina NAACP leader, Reverend William Barber, has come under fire for his comments about Republican Senator Tim Scott.  Mr. Barber has claimed that Scott is a ventriloquist’s dummy for the Tea Party and that the Tea Party seeks out minorities as mouth pieces.  He has declined invitations to appear as a guest on Fox’s Hannity, maybe because he doesn’t want his ass handed to him by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

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David Webb, Sirius XM radio host and Fox News Contributor, sat down with Hannity after attending one of the Reverend’s NAACP events.  He intended to confront Barber about his racist comments, but was almost completely shot down at the event.

When asked if he thinks that black Conservatives should be allowed to have their own political opinions, even if they differ from his, Barber tells Webb that he will not answer that question.  Why not?  Might the world see that the man who campaigns for the rights of minorities does not think that those minorities have the right to their own opinion?

David Webb makes a fantastic point, which is confirmed by Barber’s reply to his questions: The NAACP is for people who agree with them.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is only for some colored people – specifically the ones who agree with their radical agenda.  And if you don’t agree with that agenda, then you must be a ventriloquist dummy for the Tea Party.

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In a brilliant social experiment, Webb asks protesters at the NAACP march if they think that the Tea Party is racist.  Not surprisingly, they all do.  But then he asks them for an example of why the Tea Party is racist, and not one of them can come up with anything!  They all find some reason to shy away from the question, saying they can’t talk anymore or they’re not thinking about the Tea Party right now.  Could it be that they just drank the Reverend’s Kool-Aid and can’t think for themselves anymore?


With the unemployment rate among black youth at fifty percent, Webb next asks various protesters if they think that Obama has failed the black community.  In my favorite response to this question, a woman replies that the President has tried, but Congress has failed him.  Ha!  Perhaps she has been living under a rock for the past year and didn’t get the news that the President no longer waits for the approval of Congress – he just abuses his executive action powers to do whatever the heck he wants!  And still the black community is worse off for it!  Another woman says that the President hasn’t failed because, “He’s workin’ real hard”.  I guess if you consider lavish, tax-payer-funded vacations and countless rounds of golf hard work…

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The NAACP is selling a lie, they are not based in policy.  One protester actually got up on stage and proclaimed that every 30 minutes a black child is shot by police.  She pulled this straight out of thin air, because it is 100% false.

I think it should be pointed out that in the footage of the NAACP march, there are a good number of liberal white women in attendance.  So why is it that they are welcomed with open arms and no bias whatsoever, but if the Tea Party has a black member, he is completely out of line and must be a hired mouth piece?  That doesn’t seem to add up, but that’s just me.

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