UN Members Admit New Treaty’s Purpose Is To Disarm Citizens

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The European Parliament voted for the European Union to ratify the new UN Small Arms Treaty on February 5 of this year.

The treaty, which has been strongly pushed for by Obama and John Kerry on behalf of the United States is nothing less than a full out assault on the right to keep and bear arms, and a press release from the European Parliament confirms this.

Their statement after the ratification of the treaty said that even though it won’t stop all production of firearms, “it should stop arms from getting into the hands of terrorists and should stop arms from getting into areas that are unstable.”

With the ever relaxing standards on who exactly is considered a “terrorist” this statement alone should be enough to draw concern from anyone, especially those with dissenting views of the government. The “Main Core” list is the government’s personal list of people they deem to be “potential terrorists” and had over 8 million people on it as of 2008. Withe the hundreds of billions spent on surveillance since then and the DHS redefining the word “terrorist” to include every right wing, Christian conservative in America that list has likely grown significantly.

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David Martin, who helped draft the recommendation for the ratification of the arms treaty and is a member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, said that he feels the treaty is a “major step forward,” and he’s pleased that this will be the first time that “conventional weapons” will have been put under any control.

How will it do that exactly?

Well first it requires that all gun owners fill out forms and register their firearms with the federal government. More specifically, in Article 5 it mandates that all participating nations develop and maintain a “national control” system that includes a “nation control” list. This includes registering the make, model, serial number, and caliber of every weapon that someone owns.

Additionally, it prohibits the export of conventional arms if they can be used against civilians or against civilian buildings but the language is so vague that it’s hard to fully understand.

It covers every aspect of weapons manufacturing, including ammo, and creates some form of government control over it.

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It also introduces strict measure to stop weapons from ending up on the black market.

Finally, it requires every participating nation to strictly adhere to the rules and if they can’t a “voluntary” trust fund will be established to pay for the UN sending its own troops in to enforce the treaty, basically destroying the sovereignty of every nation that signed it.

Fortunately for Americans unless there’s a major shift in the Senate that gives progressives an overwhelming majority the treaty will never be ratified here. Currently just about every republican member of the Senate and many democrats oppose the treaty because it would lead to the evisceration of the Second Amendment and disarmament of the people.

For now it’s nothing more than a progressive pipe dream fueled by rabid propaganda against guns and gun owners in America, but that doesn’t mean Americans should in their opposition to the treaty since we all know that on any given day a vote can be bought and the treaty be ratified.

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