Disturbing New Trend: Teens Take Selfies With Homeless People

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As if the selfie trend wasn’t bad enough in and of itself, a new craze has cropped up on social media sites among teenagers.  Acting entitled and completely self-absorbed, teens have been posting selfies of themselves with homeless people.


The first thought in the minds of these teens is not about the homeless person, who is treated like a backdrop or mere scenery, but rather how they can capture yet another photo of themselves doing something brainless for their Facebook page.

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Many times, the pictures are taken without the knowledge of the homeless person.

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The homeless epidemic is certainly not funny, but the teens who aimlessly post pictures of themselves all day long seem as though they could frankly care less.

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What do you think of this disturbing new trend?  Would you be upset to see your son or daughter partaking in the so-called “fun”?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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