Obama Using Drones And “Bad Metadata” To Target Terrorists, Killing Innocent People

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It’s nothing new to hear about the increased drone usage of Obama since he parked his butt in the oval office chair, but what if he is abusing that power and killing innocents? According to an inside source, Obama is doing just that and isn’t losing any sleep regarding the collateral damage.

According to the unnamed source, the NSA has taken to using cell phones in order to track persons of interest and terrorists.  Once the government has found these people and marked them for death, the military either sends in a tactical team to surgically take out the target or sends a drone in to wipe out the area—usually the latter.

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As people continue to urge Obama to stop—or at least cut back on—the use of drones, these cries seem to be falling upon deaf ears.  Saying that Obama’s use of drones is illegally cutting through “red tape,” as well as denying the victims the right to due process, protestors are noticing that our Commander-in-Chief is set in his ways.

That being said, the source—that just so happens to be a former JSOC drone operator—revealed some startling information.  Saying that terrorists are beginning to catch on to the fact that the NSA is tracking them through their cell phones, they have taken extreme efforts to render this practice useless.

He explains:

“One problem…is that targets are increasingly aware of the NSA’s reliance on geolocating, and have moved to thwart the tactic. Some have as many as 16 different SIM cards associated with their identity within the High Value Target system. Others, unaware that their mobile phone is being targeted, lend their phone, with the SIM card in it, to friends, children, spouses and family members.”

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In this instance, several times has it been documented that innocent life has been lost because of what they are calling tracking through, “bad metadata.”  “[H]e also states that innocent people have ‘absolutely’ been killed as a result of the NSA’s increasing reliance on the surveillance tactic.”

He goes on to note that terrorist organizations have even been reported take out their SIM cards, throw them in a bag, and randomly take one out after a group meeting.  This effectively throws the NSA off causing them to lose their potential target, and perhaps, kill the wrong—or innocent–person.

He goes on to explain a much more troubling point when he states, “People get hung up that there’s a targeted list of people.  It’s really like we’re targeting a cell phone. We’re not going after people – we’re going after their phones, in the hopes that the person on the other end of that missile is the bad guy.”

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So how long before Obama accidentally takes out an innocent American? He has already taken out American’s that have been known to be conspiring and working with terrorists, voiding their right to due process.

What do you think– how scary is it to know that Obama could, at any time, take out any one of us just by looking up our cell phone number? Let us know in a comment below!

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