Obama Fails: Al Qaeda Bigger Than Ever, Growth Still On The Rise

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Despite government assurances, it appears as if the threat of Al Qaeda may be far from over.  A panel of security experts have recently relayed that Al Qaeda is actually bigger and stronger than they were 8 years ago.

Bruce Hoffman, the director of the Center for Security Studies, explains that there is a general misconception about Al Qaeda—that being that their sole focus is on America.  He goes on to explain that in all reality, Al Qaeda’s focus is to spread the word of Allah requiring compliance through brute force, intimidation and bloodshed.

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Senior FDD fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross states, “The fact that a group is not targeting the U.S. at a particular point doesn’t mean they’re not Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is both an idea and an organization. … Its key goal is not just to target the United States.”


They further their point by expressing that only 1 out of every 16 Al Qaeda members “go on to international terrorist activities.”  Explaining that the government only looks at Al Qaeda being those specific terrorist organizations that have the single intended target of America, they say that this mindset is misleading.

Thomas Joscelyn, senior editor of the Long War Journal wrote, “I think the big popular misconception that we fight pretty regularly is that they’re only interested in mass casualty attacks against the U.S. or the West.  You actually go back into the history al Qaeda very carefully you realize that is absolutely not true. In fact, most of their assets from the beginning have been devoted to other things.”

It appears as if the many tentacles of Al Qaeda is spreading unbeknownst to the American people—of course, this being the direct result of our swindling Commander-in-Chief as well as his administration.


Hoffman says, “You no longer have one big threat in one place with one clear leader, but many threats in a variety of places.  That I think is testimony to al Qaeda’s power. Al Qaeda is present today in more places than it was eight years ago, that’s indisputable.”

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According to CNN, these individual factions now control some 400 miles across the Middle East.

Obama and his administration furthered his deception of the public’s mind assuring their safety when they explained that Al Qaeda’s current leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, spends, “more time worrying about his own personal security than propaganda.”


This may not necessarily prove to be true as al-Zawahiri just as recent as January 2014, released a propaganda flick for recruiting purposes.  Hoffman instead suggests, “The core may not be as strong, but the al Qaeda brand I would argue is just as strong if not stronger.”

He goes on to explain al Zawahiri has, “actually achieved the impossible, he’s held the movement together now for three years at a time that it is splintering.  Al Qaeda is in more places today than it was before al Zawahiri took control.”

The government—for some reason—is seeking to betray the American people with false assurances.  Instead of informing citizens that the terrorist network is now so large it is impossible to keep track of, they wish that people believe everything is ok.


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Now it’s understandable that Obama doesn’t want to spread mass hysteria, but what purpose does it serve to intentionally lie to the people in this way?  I suppose it just goes to show how unwilling Obama is to take accountability for his failures.

Oh that’s right, it’s not his fault—it’s Bush’s.

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