VIDEO: Drunk Woman Handcuffed On Plane For Sexual Advances – Forces Emergency Landing

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A plane ride, no different from any other, was along its way from Baltimore to Salt Lake City when things got a little interesting.  Apparently a woman, who was well intoxicated, got irritated when a man refused her sexual advances, was arrested and ultimately forced the plane to make an emergency landing where police boarded and brought her off the plane.

Delta flight 1189 will surely be remembered by all of its passengers, not necessarily for the inconvenience it may have caused, but because of the drunk and disorderly events that ensued.  The woman reportedly had a few drinks on the plane, got a little tipsy and began flirting with her neighboring seat passenger.


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The man however politely declined when the drunken woman turned the conversation to one more sexual in nature.  Apparently insulted by his rejection, things turned violent.  The woman was said to have gotten very agitated and tried to “raise her fist” and hit him.

Airline personnel swiftly responded, placing the woman in handcuffs which only irritated her more.  Screaming to be released and pleading with fellow passengers for help she said, “Hey, lady! Over there! I need help, this guy is holding me!”


She quickly turned her frustration to the man it all started with. Saying that she was going to “f**king kill” the man that politely declined her advances, the pilot announced to passengers that the plane was going to make an emergency landing to remove the violent woman.

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During the PA announcement assuring passengers of the flight that everything was ok and under control, the woman continued on her violent rampage.  Attempting to somehow persuade those that arrested her to release her, she continues to scream at everything and anyone in her sight.


The plane finally landed at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport where local police came onto the plane and removed the disorderly woman.  Albeit vague, a spokesperson for the airport explained that they landed the plane because of a “very intoxicated” woman that was “grabbing at passengers” during the flight.

Watch the second part of the video below:

“The FBI and TSA are investigating the incident and may prosecute.”  The woman is yet to see if prosecutors are going to charge her with federal charges as the plane was in flight while the incident occurred.


The woman’s drunken escapade set fellow passengers back about an hour and a half.

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So what do you think—is there really any doubt as to why the unfortunate passenger denied her sexual advances? Let us know in a comment below!

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