Feds Raid ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ While he’s Doing Charity Work in Africa

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A man known as the “machine gun preacher” found himself as the subject of a raid that federal law enforcement conducted on his home and business last week.

The preacher is Sam Childers who is a reformed drug-abuser and alcoholic who used to be in a biker gang, but turned his life around. Childers even lent his likeness to a 2011 movie called, Machine Gun Preacher.

Here is the trailer:

Childers now runs a non-profit called Angels of East Africa.

The raid took place while Childers was in Africa. Childers told WJAC on Friday that federal agents took computers and tore apart boxes of donations.

“They went into a container that was packed and ready to come to the orphanage and totally destroyed it,” Childers said. “I mean, destroyed it, and what’s so sad is that it was all children’s clothes.”

Childers says that the FBI has yet to tell him why they raided his home and business but he believes it stems from a feud that has carried on with his former son-in-law who Childers claims has stolen ‘thousands of dollars’ from his non-profit.

“This guy is in a lot of problems so what he’s been doing is he’s been telling the FBI that I’m smuggling guns and that I’m misusing funds,” Childers said. “To start with, it’s all lies and I’m telling everyone we’ve got nothing to hide.”

WJAC reported that friends and family had a difficult time standing back and watching the Feds destroy property and tearing apart their hard work in Africa.

Kim Growden who is a member of Childer’s church said this:

“They’re hurting the kids. This stuff is sent from all over the world and people’s hearts and they just come in and just treat it like it’s garbage. When you do God’s work you have to you know, I’ll just start all over. That’s all I can do. It’s not for me or for us, it’s for the kids.”

This seems like awfully harsh treatment for a man who’s dedicated his life to saving orphans in Africa and received the Mother Theresa Award, but I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

(h/t: The Blaze, WJAC)

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