Obama Militarizes Police To Use As Legal Foot Soldiers During Civil Unrest

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As the government grows–along with the ever increasing amount of Constitutional rights they violate–it appears as if they have been planning something all along to keep citizens in line.  Anticipating that one day Americans would become fed up with the government’s mandates, they have been militarizing police on an unprecedented scale.

Since the 1980’s there has been a slow, yet steady, increase in the military appearance that local police seem to have.  The 9/11 attacks have only furthered this effort, giving the government a curtain of “public safety” to hide behind while they carry out their sinister agenda.

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As Obama came in to office, the purchase and use of military equipment has significantly increased so much that average citizens are now beginning to question the motives of the U.S. government.

The area in which Americans are seeing the most distinct militarization of police is within a very well known branch of law enforcement—SWAT.  The being said, their military like tactical uniforms don’t get people questioning too much as, that is what they’re typically seen operating in.

The cause for concern comes when you realize how big SWAT teams have become and the minimalistic offenses they are being deployed on to combat.  Back in the late 80’s early 90’s, SWAT was a significantly small operation that was used specifically for those extremely threatening situations.


Situations that had an extremely high probability regarding loss of life resulted in SWAT being called out only a few thousand times.  Since the recent explosion of militarized police, back in 2005 it was estimated that they were called some 50,000 times and that number is expected to have gone up in the past decade.

SWAT is now being used, in some cities, for every single warrant issued to apprehend a suspect, regardless the charge.  In a blatant overstep of the power and authority in which SWAT operates, people are starting to wonder why police departments are making dangerous situations out of something that would have otherwise been safely executed by uniformed police officers.

Along with this, the purchase of military equipment has skyrocketed and even involved certain, never before purchased—at least domestically—products.  The ar-15—as demonized as a murderous weapon by government officials—is becoming the bread and butter for law enforcement almost taking the place of the pistol if it weren’t for the convenience.  Also noted was the increased purchase in grenade launchers—of course authorities are claiming that these are strictly being used for rioting purposes (i.e. tear gas).

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Along with this, local law enforcement has been taking it upon themselves to purchase combat ready vehicles and weaponry.   Armored personnel carriers and tanks are amongst the list of odd purchases of several law enforcement agencies around the country.  Claiming they are for riots and protesters, it’s hard to understand why they would think to use military tactics on people expressing their First Amendment rights.

Oddly enough, these aren’t even the most definitive purchases that show police and government intentions.  A significant amount of helicopters, armed with .50 cal machine guns have been ordered to be used within America’s borders.

Seeing how it is beyond a rare occurrence to hear of police being shot at during riots here in America, it’s hard to understand how they justify spending over $200,000 to buy bullet proof armored vehicles—if in fact, they are only being used to disperse rioters that is.

Along with this, the increased training using military style tactics for American citizens is gaining the attention of the public.  Supposedly here to protect and serve, police seem to be gearing up for an all out war—but on who?

Along with the many other reports, such as FEMA camps and gun confiscation, it’s almost transparent at this point, what Obama and his administration plan to do.  He is already whittling away at our every right, slowly taking them away and we can only hope that America wakes up before it is too late.

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Trying to take our guns away only went to prove this further.

What do you think—is it time to get worried yet? Let us know in a comment below!

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