VIDEO: Australian Police Inhumanely Shoot Kangaroo Three Times (WARNING GRAPHIC)

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A group of teenagers were able to catch Australian police on camera as they tended to a wounded kangaroo.  Instead of trying to help it however, they took to opening fire on the animal—a series of three shots over the course of a minute.

The kangaroo had apparently been hurt in an accident with a vehicle, as it was found wounded near a busy street.  After discovering that its leg was broken, someone had called to report it to police who sent the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

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Instead of helping the animal however, the officers sought to euthanize it.


Over the course of the next minute the officers are seen cornering the terrified animal, sighting in a pistol and firing one round—three times.  The kangaroo, becoming increasing terrified with each shot that was fired and missed, ran across the road once again.

Painfully hobbling about on its broken leg, the kangaroo stops and cowers against a fence.  The officer takes aim one last time, and after hitting his target finally, the kangaroo shoots into the air and falls lifeless on the ground.


The officer is then seen carelessly throwing the corpse of the animal into the truck by its tail.

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For some reason though, seemingly heartless teenagers are seen smiling and dancing around as they celebrate the life lost.

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