Hannity Is Selling $3.6 Million New York Estate – Moving To Texas Or Florida?

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We recently reported that Sean Hannity was so outraged by Cuomo’s anti-conservative comments that he was thinking about leaving, “the United Socialist State of New York,” as he called it. As it turns out, he’s may be making good on that threat as recent reports show his house is up for sale.

After making the claims that he’d rather pay taxes in another state however, he did recant the threat saying that he should probably wait until his 15-year-old son graduated high school.


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Though the most recent reports show that Hannity may have changed his mind–his $3.6 million mansion is currently up for sale.


The 4,824-square-foot home he’s living in was built back in 2001, and comes with 2.05 acres and direct access to the beach behind the residence.  Along with this, the brick Colonial has an observation deck, pool and six fireplaces all with the added security of a front gate.


It wouldn’t really be a shock to hear that Hannity is leaving—despite his previous threats.  After all, New Yorkers are leaving the state in true exodus form as the governor continues to drive living conditions into the ground.


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Destroying gun rights is only one of the many failures during Cuomo’s political reign.  Along with this come failures placed forward on the education system that actually went to hurt students as well as the ever increasing taxes that upstate New Yorkers are forced to pay in order to cover NYC welfare and Medicaid costs.


What do you think—is Sean Hannity actually leaving? Should he? Let us know in a comment below!

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