Gun Control Mouthpiece Piers Morgan’s Security Guards Packing AR-15s?

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CNN’s chief hypocrit Piers Morgan decided to travel to Katy, Texas recently to tape a show that would involve the host shooting AR-15s at a gun range. He wanted to find out why Texans love guns.

Protestors quickly started to line-up outside and several of them had the chance to throw in their two cents about gun control.

One of the more high profile protestors who was on hand was Alex Jones of Infowars. The radio host broadcasts his show from Austin.

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About the visit, Jones said, “Well you claim that you won the debate but I noticed that you haven’t invited me back.” Jones went on to bash Morgan’s low ratings of a half million viewers while touting his audience of 3 million.

According to, The big news from the visit may actually be the revelation that Morgan’s own security detail keeps AR-15s. A picture that was taken from right outside Tactical Firearms (which is where Morgan visited for the shooting lesson) clearly shows two armed guards holding AR-15s.

Here is the photo:

piers morgan ar-15s

Of course, we can’t prove that these were his personal armed guards, and if they were, only Piers Morgan himself could tell us how often he keeps his security detail around and what type of weapons they regularly brandish.

If it is true that the face of gun control in America keeps security guards around who flaunt the same arms that he smears regularly on his show, I don’t know how anyone could take him seriously anymore.

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(h/t:, KHOU)

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