Nugent about Paul McCartney: “I’ll Shoot Him Some Tofu”

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Bill O’Reilly has had quite a month so far. After an interview with the President that revealed absolutely nothing, Bill sat down with Ted Nugent.

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The two talked about Paul McCartney and his criticism of Nugent’s love for hunting. Nugent says that years ago, an interviewer was talking to Paul McCartney and asked him what he thought of Nugent who is known as the motor city madman.

According to the story, McCartney “went into a tirade” about Nugent being a coward because he shoots innocent animals that can’t shoot back.

O’Reilly points out that McCartney is, of course, an avowed vegan.

When Nugent was called by the reporter for a response, he claims to have said that he wanted to thank McCartney for the great music and if he wants some tofu, “i’ll shoot him some tofu.”

Later on, Nugent cringes at the mention of JayZ and modern day rap and says that he prefers the original soul brothers. He says, “these guys just reeked of an American, defiant, celebratory, be the best you can be, practice as hard as possible, and deliver the best music possible.”

Nugent says he doesn’t get the rap thing. Then says that it is fascinating because his own son is an emerging young rapper who is trying to make it.

Before the interview ended, Nugent also re-affirmed his anti-drug views and talked about how he has had enough of his own friends in the music community die in his arms. Nugent says that no one could convince him that drug use is a victimless crime.

What are your thoughts on the interview? Do you agree with Nugent’s points? Let us know in the comments section below.

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