VIDEO: “Cop Killer” Ambushes And Shoots Four Officers, Leads Police On Chase Ending In His Death

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The town of Albuquerque was sent into a tailspin after a man had called police, lured them into an ambush and opened fire when they arrived.  He then hopped into one of the injured officers cruisers and led police on a 16 mile chase that only ended when his life did.

It all started when Christopher Chase, 35, who was dressed in body armor and camo made the call to police.  A police officer was quick to show up but was surprisingly met with gun shots and unfortunately hit.  Chase soon got into the injured police officer’s car and took off with fellow police officers in tow.


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All caught on a lapel-mounted camera, the 16 mile car chase was anything but boring.

The well armed Chase managed to hit another 3 officers resulting in a total of, 3 Albuquerque police officers and a Bernalillo county sheriff’s deputy injured—one of whom required surgery for a shattered pelvis.  During the video that is at times, extremely choppy, you can see at least two officers who had been wounded by Chase and were being treated by fellow officers.


Along with this, a series of clips with the camera mounted police officer and radio chatter give a pretty good account of what unfolded.

As the gunman drove back and forth, at times turning around to take another couple shots at police, several officers continued to try and stop the gunman.  The video, at one point, even shows the gravity of the pursuit when the officer pulls out his rifle and begins firing through his own windshield in attempt to stop Chase.


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Finally, the police officer and his car—riddle with self inflicted bullet holes—stop where he gets out and continues firing.  Realizing that at anytime Chase could emerge firing back, the officer quickly reloads and empties another mag into the stolen cruiser.

It appears as if Chase had crashed into a gas station, but there is no word on whether or not it was the result of the officer shooting from behind during the chase.


Police are then seen swarming the area guns drawn, but nobody shooting.  The video ends with someone saying over the radio that the suspect was 10-7—or dead.

Reports reveal that Chase was hit 8 times rendering him dead at the scene. During the autopsy is was also noted that Chase had a tattoo reading “Cop Killer” somewhere on his body as well as a demon with two guns.


Police are yet to discover why Chase went on his rampage.  A friend, close to Chase, had mentioned that although he would have never expected him to do this, Chase had been quite upset after being accused of something he claimed he didn’t do.

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Chase also had quite the lengthy rap sheet consisting of things such as fraud, embezzlement and even a few traffic violations.


What do you think—did Chase get what he deserved? Let us know in a comment below!

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