VIDEO: Amphibious Fish Walk, Fight On Land

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The mudskipper fish are amphibious creatures that are capable of walking on land and even climbing trees.

It breathes air through its skin as well as having a full set of gills for underwater that it can also store water in for when it’s on land. The gills act like the diving tanks a scuba diver would use and supply the fish with much needed air in order to stay out of the water for extended periods of time.

Its anatomical adaptations allow it to use its pectoral fins to walk across land. Rather than being a single, straight fin their fins are hinged in the middle and rely on large muscles to propel the fish across land. They’re also capable of jumping up to 2 feet in the air while out of the water.

The fish are active out of the water and actually defend their territories on land. The video shows a pair of them fighting each other over their territory by seemingly biting one another and displaying their large dorsal fins to scare the other off.

They’re commonly found in the tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions of the world like Asia, the Indo-Pacific, and the Atlantic coast of Africa.

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