Homeless Man Caught Having Sex With Dog, Doesn’t go to Jail

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Robert Buchanan is a homeless man who lived outside the Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Milton Keynes, England. He was recorded on CCTV last year having sex with his dog, who he’s had since it was a puppy, in his sleeping bag and arrested. He’s been found guilty but won’t face any jail time for it.

The 35 year old has fessed up to doing it but denies that it was an ongoing thing.


In a statement the prosecution said “On June 30 last year at about 6pm a CCTV operator employed by Thames Valley Police was watching an area in central Milton Keynes and happened upon this defendant lying outside the Church of Christ the Cornerstone. He appeared to be sleeping rough. He was lying under a sleeping bag – in fact there were two, both opened and zipped together to form a duvet. It was apparent, when the CCTV operator focused, that there was also a dog there.”

He was laying on his side and had the dog pressed up against the window of the church, the prosecution said that in the video he appeared to be “rhythmically thrusting.” At that point the camera operator notified officers who immediately went to the scene and found Buchanan with his dog.
Buchanan denied any wrongdoing at the time and insisted he was just trying to sleep. However the animal was brought to the veterinarian’s office and given a thorough exam which revealed injuries consistent with what they had thought happened.
The vet also said that the dog’s behavior was abnormal and she seemed withdrawn. She also appeared to be “acclimated” to being held in the same way that would be required for Buchanan to commit his acts, making the vet and prosecutors believe that they were a regular occurrence.
After the vet’s exams and findings Buchanan admitted to having sex with the dog a single time, even though in the exam found evidence of it happening regularly.
The judge in the case said that “On any view this is a serious offense. Not only is activity of this kind illegal but it is aggravated, it took place in public in a central place.“People who own dogs care for them in a humane way. They do not abuse them in the way you did.”

She then sentenced Buchanan to three years of supervised probation that also bans him from owning a dog throughout the duration.
The dog has since been re-homed and is with a loving family.

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