BOMBSHELL REPORT: Four Women Break Silence, Tell Their Stories Of Bill Clinton’s Seduction

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It’s no secret that Bill Clinton is a dog when it comes to women, in fact if he could get away with humping their legs I’m sure he would. Well this past week some explosive allegations came out about an affair between he and Elizabeth Hurley, the stunning actress from Great Britain and in light of the recent allegations, four woman came forward to tell their stories about what makes him so enthralling. They’ve each had their own run-ins with him at one point or another and describe to everyone why they think he’s able to captivate most any woman he encounters.


[Bel Mooney]

Bel Mooney is a journalist for the UK Daily Mail. She was happily married for some time but got to meet Clinton at a lecture hosted by BBC back in December of 2001 and said she couldn’t resist his charm.

The evening was overshadowed by 9/11 she said, but Clinton delivered his lecture “brilliantly” and she claimed to be “star struck” all night as a result. She said she was so moved by his lecture that she recorded how she felt in her dairy, saying that Clinton is a “class act” regardless of his flaws and the way he mixes “glamor and compassion” inspired her.

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[Clinton and Hurley At A Charity Event In 2004]

She ended up getting to meet Clinton after the lecture, which she immediately became “lost” in his presence. She said the two shook hands but that Clinton didn’t let go immediately and stared straight into her eyes. “This is amazing,” she described it, “We’re holding hands!” Obviously overtaken by his charm.

She said she leaned in towards him and said that she “must be the only person who has recently ridden into Clinton, Oklahoma on a Harley Davidson,” in her most flirtatious manner and excited she was able to get his attention beyond him being polite.

They exchanged small talk, she explained, and the whole time Clinton’s eyes were fixated on hers and he still didn’t let go of her hand. She recalled thinking to herself that he made her feel like a teenager and she wondered what he was doing with Monica Lewinski when he could have any “real woman” in the room.

She later put in her diary “My God, does he know he’s sexy.


[Jaci Stephen]

Jaci Stephen is another columnist who told of her run-in with Clinton, something that sounded more like a teenage girl meeting her favorite pop artist than it did a journalist meeting a politician. She said she had always had a crush on him, and when she met him at the Groucho Club in London her words escaped her and she froze like a deer in headlights.

She said that when she finally stepped forward to meet him she had so much to say but not a word came out. She described his smile as one that is “natural” and without a “hint of falseness,” saying she believes it could put anyone immediately at their ease.” She said his handshake was firm and warm, and he also held on to hers longer than a normal handshake, which she said made her want to “take my top off and yell ‘Take me to the Oval Office Now!'” due to his “sexual magnetism” that “locked you in, mind, body, and soul.”

According to her story, he stared deep into her eyes as well, giving her a feeling of comfort and immediate attraction. At the end of their brief meeting she said she was able to utter out a single sentence, “you are the greatest man who ever lived,” she told him. His reply was short but sincere then they parted ways.


[Ann Leslie]

Not every woman who has met Clinton is as taken as the other two women, however. Ann Leslie says that she’s never been “enamored” by the “manipulative and mendacious” Clinton and speaks of him with much harsher words than others.

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She told of a time when she met Clinton on the tarmac at a New Mexico airport and he said that he had longed to get to know her better, something that made her give him an icy glare and walk away.

She described Clinton as insincere and said he would commonly change his behaviors based on who he was with or where he was. One example she gave was when he would travel to the northern states and pick up a Boston-like accent but when he was in the south he would retain the southern draw.

She recounted a prayer breakfast she went to right after Clinton had lied under oath about his affair with his intern, Monica Lewinski. She said she couldn’t believe it when Clinton started speaking of his “broken spirit,” and that everyone there fell for his disingenuous repentance for what he had done. She said as he walked off the stage with his cocky grin the crowd erupted and fell for him hook, line, and sinker.

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[Jenni Murray]

Jenni Murray described her encounter with Clinton during the party for the release of his memoir in 2004. She said that the room was full of women all swooning over Clinton and the chance to meet him, and she too found herself “gazing with astonishment” as he entered the room.

She admits that none of them should have been that way because of his troubled history of being a womanizer but says that neither she nor any other woman there could resist. She explains how she should have felt sorry for Hillary but that Clinton’s charm was just too powerful.


[Clinton And Monica Lewinski]

She described him as “oozing power and influence,” wearing a perfectly tailored suit with neatly kept hair and having a “supreme confidence” that she and the other women couldn’t resist.

She too described her meeting with him as others have, a deep gaze into her eyes with a confident smile, holding her hand firmly but being gentle, and making her feel like the only woman in the room.

She said he is the “perfect man.”

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