CAUGHT ON TAPE: British Man WALKING Down Street Framed By Police For Driving Drunk

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A video is going viral showing the abuses of one police officer when he uses his power and framed an innocent man for driving drunk.  The funny thing about this is, the man was walking down the street with no evidence that he had been driving at any time.

The video begins by showing what seems to be British police attempting to control the public.  While pushing people (perhaps protesters or rioters) back—from and where being unknown—a scuffle breaks out between a citizen and officer.  Several other officers join in the wrestling match bringing the man away from the crowd while the other officers march on.

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One man—the cameraman—hung back to record the incidents that followed to make sure the man being arrested didn’t fall victim to officer’s wrongdoings. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t the other man he should have been worrying about.

As officers notice him recording them, they were quick to try and deter the man and even ended up pushing him down on the ground.  After not complying with officers directions to back away and stop recording, another—seemingly of higher rank—officer took matters into his own hands.

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Directing the man once again to move behind a designated line, the man did not listen which is when the officer’s tone significantly changed very quickly.  The police officer—in order to put an end to the man’s inconvenient presence–began asking the man if he had been drinking that morning and exactly how much.  Saying he only had drank tea that morning the cameraman became a little flustered.


It wasn’t long before the officer was telling other officers that the man admitted to drinking two alcoholic drinks that morning before getting in his car and driving to the current location.

In order to confuse the man even more and blur the chain of command and authority, the fraudulent officer soon passed the man off on other officers and ordered them to begin the “drink drive procedure.”  Soon the unsuspecting victim was swarmed with several brightly colored police officers who all seemed to be speaking at the same time.

Informing the cameraman that he was being detained under the suspicion of driving drunk, they explained to him that they required a breath sample (breathalyzer).  However the man did not consent, as it was well within his right, prompting the officers to convey that if he did not comply, they would have to arrest him.

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Sure enough, that’s just what they did.

He was officially arrested after being framed by police on tape.  How much do you think he’ll get in the lawsuit? Let us know what you think in a comment below!

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