VIDEO: Obama Reunited With Half Brother For First time In 20 Years

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Obama had only ever seen his half brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo once in his life prior to 2008, in 1988 when Obama went to Kenya to visit his father’s family, so when Mark appeared in front of him prior to a debate with Hillary Clinton he was more than surprised, as the video shows.

The video shows Obama walking into the room with a surprised look on his face when he says “hey, how you been man?” The two then hug and give each other pats on the back.


Mark recalled it as “amazing” and said that “we just laughed and we hugged each other and we were brothers.”

Obama is Marks older half brother, they share the same father who died in the early 80’s in a car accident at 46 years old, Barack Obama Sr. Obama Sr. married Mark’s mother, Ruth Baker, after divorcing Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham.

Mark is about to release an autobiography called Cultures: My Odyssey Of Self Discovery, and released this video shot on a cell phone as promotion for it.

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Marks book tells many details about their father that weren’t known before. He said his father was a violent alcoholic who was abusive towards his mother and recalled a few times he would hear his father come home at night and they would fight. One night, he recalled, he came home to see his mother on her back with his father over top of her and a knife to her throat.

He also said that he would remember smelling Johnny Walker scotch on his breath quite often and would leave the door to his room open regularly and hear his father come up the stairs to beat up his mother.


His mother would eventually divorce Obama Sr. before his death and remarry, which is where Mark gets his last name from now.

Even in the face of adversity Mark grew up to be successful. He has a maters and an MBA from Stanford and Emory, respectively, and also studied at Brown University.

He’s fluent in Chinese after marrying a Chinese wife he met when he moved to China in 2002.

When asked about whether or not his new book will be an embarrassment to his older brother he said that Obama had told him long before becoming a politician he needed to live his life and not worry about Obama, and that’s exactly what he’s doing now.

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[Obama Sr. and a young Obama]


[Obama Sr. and wife Ruth Baker, Mark’s mother]


[Obama and his family from Kenya]




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