GRAPHIC VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Cut Off Heads Of Christians For Supporting Assad (21+)

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A massive crowd gathered for another Muslim execution of the innocent.  This time, Syrian rebels rounded up a few local Christians, accused them of supporting and aiding Assad and then decapitated them with a small knife.

The large group of Muslim “soldier’s” families and supporters gathered on a hillside in Idlib to watch the killings.

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During the course of the men’s “punishment,” the organizers of the event took to reading what the men had done wrong.  Along with not worshiping Allah, the men were said to—and there is no evidence that this is true—have been supporting Assad’s troops.


After hyping the group up a bit more, the man took to executing the men for their “crimes.”

Taking a small blade, the executioner pushes the victims to the ground and begins to slice into the necks of the innocent.  After working at the heads for quite some time, they finally became detached when he lifted them in the air to show off his work.

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The group continued to go crazy and the man placed the heads back on the bodies of the deceased.

It’s a shame we didn’t know it was happening when it did.  One well placed hellfire missile—that’s all I’m saying.

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