VIDEO: Russian President Putin Fearlessly Climbs Into Leopard Cage, Shames Obama

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If there is one man that always seems to shame Obama into looking like a little girl, its Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  This time, in a stunt Obama would never think about doing, he crawled into a cage with one of the world’s most dangerous animals—a leopard.

Perhaps a publicity stunt to show his appreciation for the Sochi region—the area that is soon to host the winter Olympics—he took some time out to do a little sightseeing.  Amongst his stops, he visited the National Zoo in Sochi where he dared to climb into the cage of the jungle cat.


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Seemingly fearless—although it is unlikely that his security team would put him in a place of danger—Putin slowly accustomed the cat to his presence.  Soon enough, he was even holding the leopard all by himself for a quick photo shoot.


Although he managed to come out unscathed, some cameramen weren’t quite as lucky.  At one point during the video that was recording the event, the leopard is seen becoming increasingly threatening.

After hissing several times—almost as if to tell the men to back off—the predator lunged at the legs of one cameraman who was then heard releasing a bit of a yelp.  Lucky for him, he only suffered a few superficial scratches.


This isn’t Putin’s first time making Obama look like the weak little puke that he is either.  Just last month Putin spoke out to describe Obama’s self-indulgent attitude where he loves to go golfing yet almost knows nothing that happens within his own borders.

Other times consist of the Russian leader horseback riding shirtless, sparring in martial arts, and even hunting—something that would be very unlikely to witness Obama doing.

putin 1

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However, the use of the internet and computer technology has also added its own comedic effect to the looming difference in manhood.  Just take a look at some of these Photo Shopped pics!



What do you think—it really take someone like Putin to make Obama look like a wuss or does he do a good job at that all on his own? Let us know in a comment below!


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