VIDEO: Caught On Film: Dramatic Chase, Gunfight Leaves ‘Cop Killer’ Dead

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A 16 mile chase through the streets of Albuquerque ended in the suspect, Christopher Chase, being shot to death by police.

Chase, 35, was wanted for shooting 4 cops back in October and police went after him this time after he told people to call the police that he would be waiting for them. He was dressed in body armor and camouflage, carrying an AK-47, according to police.

The video shown was shot from the chest cameras that police are now wearing to record their activities and show dramatic scenes throughout the chase.


Chase allegedly shot an officer and then stole his car, in the video you can see the officer being treated by one of his colleagues for a leg wound and another scene shows an officer driving his vehicle while holding his rifle and shooting through the windshield.

The rest of the video jumps around showing various chaotic scenes, even one officer jumping out of his car to retrieve his AR-15 from the trunk.

It ends when Chase is cornered at a gas station and police unload their weapons on the vehicle he’s in, hitting him 8 times and killing him. The coroner said he was struck three times in the neck, once in the back of the head, three times throughout his torso, and one bullet grazed his head causing a huge gash.


Chase’s criminal history is long and includes charges such as embezzlement and fraud, and he sported a tattoo on his hands that read “Cop Killer”. He was wanted for shooting and injuring four officers last October 26 and police had tried to serve a warrant at his home last Saturday. Police said the home had appeared to be booby trapped but that the traps were fake.

“He had what was fishing line, what appeared to be fake artillery shells, with wires coming out of them, and he had the windows boarded up,” Albuquerque Police Department Chief Allen Banks said.

The 6 officers involved with the shooting have been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, which the department says is standard procedure.

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