Gun Owner Charged With A Misdemeanor For Defending His Family

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A man has been charged with a misdemeanor crime after doing what he had to do to defend his family from robbers.

The 44-year-old homeowner was awoken by his 18-year-old daughter when she heard suspicious noises in the home around 9am.  Armed with a gun, the man, who had to use the assistance of crutches, opened his bedroom door to find two intruders charging towards him.

He then shot and killed Mario Viramontes, 31, and the other two intruders who had invaded the home fled.

As the police investigated the crime scene, they discovered that the man’s Firearm Owners Identification Card was expired, so they promptly charged him with one count of possessing a firearm with outdated paperwork.

I would like to know what the purpose of have a ‘Firearm Owners Identification Card’ is.  If under the Second Amendment we as American citizens are all permitted to own firearms, then it should not be necessary that we carry this card in addition to a regular ID.  Rather, our ID should be proof enough that we are valid gun owners.

Furthermore, why were the cops so concerned with pouring over every piece of this man’s paperwork?  He shot an intruder who threatened his family.  He was in the right, the dead man was in the wrong, and no one is disputing that.  Case closed.  I am 100% sure that those officers could have found a better use for their time than to haul that poor man down to the station after he had already had a very traumatic morning.

What do you think?  Did the officers do the right thing just because they were technically operating within the law?  Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!

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