Shocking New Twist In Bill Clinton Affair Scandal

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On Tuesday the website RadarOnline broke a story about Bill Clinton having an affair with actress Elizabeth Hurley  for over a year, and Tom sizemore was the one making the accusations. Later on that day he decided he was going to set the story straight in an interview with HuffPost live.

He appeared with his manager, and denied any claims that what he said in the audio clip was true. He said the audio clip was from years ago when he was heavily into drugs, but did admit to it being his voice. His manager Charles Lago said that they haven’t actually heard the tape however, just that they know what was said in it wasn’t true.

Sizemore then said that the audio clip was the “rantings of a guy….that had a very serious drug problem,” and said that at the time he didn’t hang around “very nice people.”

Sizemore repeatedly denied that there was any truth to the claims he made in the clip, saying “I’ve never been to the White House, I’ve never met Bill Clinton. I’m not denying that I said these things,” referencing comments made in the clip. He then added “it’s an old video tape and they’re the rantings of a guy…that had a very serious drug problem. Although I said it, none of its true.”

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He and his manager believe that the clip being released is a result of an extortion scheme someone had tried on them a couple of years back. Lago said that he had received a call a couple of years ago from a woman who was claiming she wanted to “save Tom’s career,” and that in order to do so she needed $20,000 to prevent her from releasing a tape she had.

He said that she told him to talk to Sizemore and she would call back, then hung up. A short time later she called back and asked Lago if he and Sizemore had spoken and reduced her demand from $20,000 to $10,000, then sent proof of what she had.

Her final demand was for $6,000, which  they wouldn’t pay, and they thought it was over with after that.

Apparently something similar happened a few weeks ago regarding a tape and the National Enquirer which is why they believe this is extortion. Sizemore’s manager says they’ll be contacting law enforcement as a result.

Sizemore did apologize for the tape and what was said on it, saying that he’s sorry for anyone who was hurt by these “false allegations and B.S.”

“I was like a drunk saying that I was going to be on the Challenger next week, my perceptions were not the greatest.”

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