Media Blacks Out NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s First TV Interview

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Breaking his silence once again, Edward Snowden—the NSA whistleblower—recently completed an interview with a German reporter.  Talking about the reasons he decided to inform the public and what exactly the government has been up to, the mainstream media has all but acknowledged it.

If you would like to watch the interview with video, feel free to do so here.

In a half-hour interview with a German television station, Edward Snowden talked with a reporter within the confines of Russia’s borders.  The reporter starts off the interview light by asking how Snowden has been sleeping to which he replied, “very well.”  Snowden conveyed that he doesn’t have any regrets for what he has done, and in all actuality, it weighs quite lightly on his conscience.

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However, it appears that there may be certain other—more threatening—things that seem to take up his time and attention.  Although he has been granted asylum in Russia, he explains that the threat is still relevant and apparent.  Snowden told the reporter that he read in a Buzzfeed article that after being granted anonymity, several high ranking government officials wished for Snowden’s death, if not hoped they could kill him themselves.

Steering the conversation to the matter at hand, the reporter then asked what the defining moment was where Snowden had decided to come out and reveal the NSA snooping information.  Snowden states that it had to have been when Intelligence Chief James Clapper blatantly lied under oath to Congress in effort to deceive the American people.

The reporter and Snowden then cut to the chase and hashed things out.


Talking about exactly what the NSA snooping program consisted of, Snowden goes into detail leaving some things yet to be discovered.  He starts out by sharing that, as most Americans understand the program to be, the NSA collects all forms of technological data—from emails and texts to phone calls and even possess the ability to track you through wireless devices (called your “fingerprint”).

He states that the way the law is written requires that authorities first have reasonable cause for suspicion before investigating a person.  However with the NSA snooping, it has effectively thrown this law out the window allowing the government to investigate before they have the right to.  This is a clear and concise violation of the Constitution that is supposed to protect citizens against unlawful searches and seizures.

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He then goes on to explain that the NSA snooping program is much larger than the average American knows it to be.  Snowden releases the bombshell that not only is the NSA snooping on America but one the entire world.  He states that in an alliance called “The Five Eyes” the NSA along with four other countries (UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), create a massive international intelligence agency that doesn’t answer to the laws of their own country.

He states that although the governments involved claim that they do not snoop on their own countries, this allows other countries to legally do this for them and simply pass the information along.  Snowden does say that there are legal guidelines written to prevent such a thing but could never hold up in court or even allow the government—whichever was in violation—to be prosecuted.

He also lets the reporter in on a little secret saying that the NSA snooping really isn’t looking out for national security, but rather its national interests.  After asking about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Snowden strongly hints it wouldn’t be unlikely that other high level German officials– as well as other high ranking figures around the world– are probably being listened to as well, but states that he’d rather journalists dig this up.

Snowden also conveys the strong possibility of the NSA using their technology to track several financial heads and institutions in order to potentially gain some economic insight.

Once again stating that what he did was wrong in no way, he expresses his hope to return home one day after the hunt to obtain him dies down and goes away.  He states that even after investigations have proven him to be innocent of any wrongdoing, Obama would still very much enjoy seeing his head on a platter.

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The German reporter even went so far as to bring up when Obama suggested Snowden come home and fight the government in court against the three felonies he is being charged with.  Snowden calls Obama’s bluff however and explains that the three felonies he’s been charged with do not allow him a chance to defend himself but rather a long walk off a short cliff.

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