Michigan Mother Kills, Dismembers Mentally Ill Son

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Donna Scrivo, 60, a registered nurse in Michigan was arraigned on Monday in Macomb County Court after police allege that she killed and then dismembered her 32 year old mentally ill son.

She’s charged with mutilating and then illegally removing the corpse of Ramsay Scrivo. She hasn’t been charged with murder yet, however the charges she currently faces are punishable by up to 10 years in prison and the misdemeanor up to a year, respectively. The police are still investigating the murder and may file murder charges after the investigation is complete.


She’s currently being held on $100,000 bond.

If you remember, on January 30 someone called in and reported seeing trash bags alongside the road near the China Township and that’s when Ramsay’s remains were found. In all four bags containing the remains of Ramsay were found by authorities around both the St. Claire and china Townships. All of the bags didn’t contain body parts though, one of them had clothing and some paperwork associated with him.

All of Ramsay’s remains have not been recovered however and police are still looking for one of his limbs.

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Three days prior, Donna had reported her son missing saying he left and never came back, however surveillance footage show her in the area where his remains were found around the time they were thought to have been dumped. A witness also saw her carrying plastic bags out of her son’s condo, where she had been staying, earlier in the day.

‘police searched her condo as well as her vehicle and found blood stains that belonged to Ramsay in both. He vehicle was also spotted by a witness near the scene where the bags were found.


She had become her son’s legal guardian after since he father’s passing when he became despondent. Back in May she petitioned the courts to have Ramsay hospitalized but he ended up going voluntarily. He was apparently suicidal and court documents show that he had become increasingly angry, explaining why law enforcement had been called to the residence over family issues in the past.

Shortly thereafter the courts granted her wish to have him placed in her care, agreeing that he was a danger to himself and others. Shortly after that the courts said they would end his supervision if he agreed to take his meds and seek treatment as directed. He was later diagnosed with psychosis and paranoia after he had a tooth removed because he thought someone had planted a speaker in it.

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