Wisconsin Town Getting Sued After Banning Protesters From Displaying American Flag

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You may have heard of the movement “Overpasses for America,” but what you may not have heard is the Wisconsin town that banned their demonstration.  Claiming that their demonstrations are offending residents, the town has banned protesters from bringing signs and flags onto the overpass and has since, fined anyone that did.

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Now they’re getting sued—by the protesters.


Residents of the little town of Campbell, Wisconsin—like so many more citizens of this country—are fed up with Obama and his antics.  They were so fed up in fact that they began their own faction, participating in the Overpasses for America movement.  Basically what they do is stand on an overpass with signs that read “Impeach Obama,” or something to that effect so that passersby on the major thruway below can read them.

Apparently they struck a nerve of some of Obama’s liberal followers as they went and complained that they were a distraction.  A mere two months later, the Town of Campbell passed the ordinance that strictly, “prohibits the display of signs, flags or banners within 100 feet of the overpass.”


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After that, testing the waters to see how serious authorities were on enforcing their new unconstitutionally provoked law, random protesters defied the ruling and went out there anyways.  A group of protesters went out wearing “impeach Obama” t-shirts but were quickly shooed off by police with the threat of fines for non-compliance.

Another man just went out to fly the flag but was promptly slapped with a $139 fine as he was in violation of the new law.


Since that time, protesters have taken legal action and have now prepared a lawsuit of epic proportions that they are dropping at the feet of the city.  President and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, Richard Thompson, explains:

“The Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that a bedrock principle of the First Amendment is that government cannot ban the expression of ideas just because some find it offensive. In fact, the Supreme Court has allowed the burning of the American Flag on the grounds that it is a matter of free expression. So I’m astonished that the Town of Campbell and the police department think it can ban a citizen from displaying the American Flag.”

And he’s exactly right—you cannot silence those who wish to speak because you do not agree with them or view them as an inconvenience. These type of actions are unconstitutional and specifically what our forefathers sought to deny.

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What do you think of what the city tried to do (and got away with)—is this a symptom of monkey-see monkey-do as the city takes after the country’s Commander-in-Chief? Let us know in a comment below!

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